Having a good command of the English language is more important now than ever. A growing number of universities in Switzerland offer courses in English as our world is becoming more and more globalized.

At the Kanti Wil, students learn to deal with the challenges in this ever-changing world. It is not only the language which is taught, but also the culture of English-speaking countries. Students encounter that not only in the textbooks we use, but also in the literature we read.

In the first two years we generally work with a textbook that teaches upper-intermediate language skills. These include reading and writing, speaking and listening practice. Starting from the third class, however, we often have separate lessons for grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and literature.

In the literature lessons we read classics such as Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit and, of course,  Shakespeare plays, but also more contemporary novels like The Kite Runner and The Hate U Give.

In addition to the mandatory English lesson, we are seeing an increasing number of students enrol in Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exam preparation courses. These courses are generally met with great success.

English is so central at the Kanti Wil that we offer classes mainly taught in English. These immersion classes are growing in popularity. Next to the regular English lessons, subjects such as Sports, Maths, Physics, Geography, History or Chemistry are taught in English. A four-week stay at a language school in England is part of this curriculum and usually a high point in the school career of our immersion students.